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Jamie goes back to Bali a year later at an anniversary recognizing the victims and survivors of the nightclub bombing.The summary appealed to me when I picked this up Not even a week ago, I reviewed a book in which I talked about how little I care for the romance trope where the death of a significant other causes the grieving partner to hop into bed with a dashing stranger.
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Her world is turned upside down, literally and metaphorically and a year later she is back to try and get her head straight about everything that happened. Greyhound Das Guesthouse ist in Pereybere ein absoluter Geheimtipp.Nor was it much of a serious treatment of the tragic Bali bombing if it ever aspired to that... There Will Come a Darkness With a complex story line and believable characters, this is a book that has a little something for everyone.I highly recommend it.