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The third chapter, on Titus Andronicus, examines a larger complex system, namely co-authorship.The book s interdisciplinary approach enriches our understanding of Shakespeare and lays the foundation for complexity theory in Shakespeare studies and the humanities more broadly.
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Shakespeare and Complexity Theory Routledge Studies in

Shakespeare and Complexity Theory by Hansen, Claire

Self-organisation refers to the emergence in a complex system of a behavior or element that generates order.Hansen thus focuses on the Andronici tomb in a scene attributed to Peele and the bloody pit from a scene attributed to Shakespeare. Chill Factor The monograph re-evaluates Shakespeare, his plays, early modern theatre, and modern classrooms as complex systems, illustrating how the lens of complexity offers an enlightening new perspective on diverse areas of Shakespeare scholarship. Die schönsten Erzählungen See more Abstract: This thesis argues that Shakespeare is a complex system and that the framework of complexity theory can be of use to Shakespeare studies and literary studies more broadly.

Katherine Walker, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Claire Hansen, Shakespeare and Complexity Theory (Oxford: Routledge 2017) 222 pp.In this sense, dance in the play serves two functions: to create a means for dissonant interactions and to alter social relationships and the environment. Paintshark The book utilises complexity theory to illuminate early modern theatrical practice, Shakespeare pedagogy, and the phenomenon of the Shakespeare myth. Whatever It Takes In both Stratford and Rome, the power of the attractor(s) escapes the idea of a singular figure or location and instead radiates outwards to sustain the complex system.

Claire Hansen joins this conversation, but also takes a step back from historical context to look at Shakespeare, instead, as a manifestation of a complex system.The Introduction offers a foundation for complexity theory in literary studies, including core characteristics and methods of implementation. Party Boy She argues that applying complexity theory to Shakespeare is not simply another attempt to mark out new space for analysis but rather coextensive with current questions animating the field. Mila - Irrläufer Of course, complexity theory itself, unsurprisingly, is complex, with thirteen specific characteristics or habits that define how a complex system is sustained, renewed, or assimilated.