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Having read each of the four books as they were published, I did something that still surprises me.When I got to the end of this book, and closed it, and set it down, I promptly went to my bookshelves and took down the first The cycle comes to a fitting and most satisfying ending.I only regret that my recurrent impulse was all too often to avert my eyes from its glare.
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Endless Things (The Aegypt Cycle, #4) by John Crowley

Endless Things (English Edition) eBook: Crowley, John

Good intelligent engaging fiction. Of Metal and Wishes It was part of the story within the story that the conclusion had to fall flat and with the way that story reflects itself into the actual series, those flaws had to somehow propagate into the novel itself. Wild Cards: Aces High If you have only read the first books of this series, I encourage you to finish it (or possibly re-read the first two in their newly-edited editions).It is not the climax of the series -- it is a coda.