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They are called out to what looks at first like a straightforward road accident, but a couple of things about the scene make them suspect there may be more to it than that.The alliance between Rebus and Fox strays perilously close to friendship at times as Rebus agrees to help unearth the truth.The result is a beautifully plotted book in which two main story lines move forward in a totally convincing and utterly compelling way.
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Saints of the Shadow Bible (Inspector Rebus, #19) by Ian

As a result, several past colleagues play critical roles although they are no longer with the police.First he investigates an accident where a car went off the road and an unconscious woman is found at the wheel. Touch of Enchantment (Lennox Magic, #2) As the book opens, Rebus is charged with investigating an auto accident involving the daughter of a wealthy and powerful businessman.Some feathers need to be ruffled and Rebus is the man to do it. Life of Pi As a young detective, Rebus was initiated into the Saints, although as the newbie in the group he was not told all of their secrets.

And so they were known as the "Saints of the Shadow Bible.It felt like a documentary," says Rebus, who in any case would need "a space the size of Ikea" to store all his own skeletons, it is pointed out sourly. Divergent Collectors Edition A brief phone conversation between Rebus and a colleague is so tight, so efficiently written and so funny that you fall in love with the series all over again...Altogether an excellent read! Mildred D. Taylor: The Logan Family Saga Complete Collection This book took me back to those days.