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Chadwick took me inside this time period and I connected with Mahelt and Hugo.I really loved watching the development of the relationship between Mehelt and Hugh.
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To Defy a King: Library Edition: Amazon.de: Elizabeth

To Defy a King: Amazon.de: Chadwick, Elizabeth: Bücher

Elizabeth Chadwick did such a good job in creating believable personalities and a grand marriage between Mahelt and Hugh that you forget that these are actual historic figures. HARDWIRED When King John sets out to subdue the Bigods, Mahelt faces a heartbreaking battle, fearing neither she, nor her marriage, is likely to survive the outcome.For everything that was discussed or shown in this book, I would say only "spirited" and maybe possibly "rebellious" would fit. Design of Microwave Active Devices For me, from the beginning of the book, she leaves the impression of a spoiler brat.Other than that, her "acts of defiance" were to "walk as if she were a queen" when she was insulted or condescended, then "stalk out of the room.

Bethrowed at a young age to Hugh Bigod, married a few years later and sent to her marriage family for protection when her own blood family must seek refuge in Ireland as they haven fallen out of favor with King John. Fünftausend Gründe, warum ich dich liebe There is plenty of political intrigue, war, family life, and love to make the characters come alive.Definitely not in the same class as authors pevious books on William Marshall-so far her best books. Checkmate But, the backdrop of their time is exquisite, and you know Chadwick spent a great deal of time researching the era.It went from just a friendship and blossomed into love.

The historical aspects of the novel did pick up as the war, and hence the plot, progressed. The Handbook of Eyewitness Psychology: Volume II One mark of a truly good book is that once you are done you find yourself wanting to return to that place again.Overall, I enjoyed this read. The Ogre of Oglefort The good news is that "To Defy a King" does stand on its own.This continues the saga of the Marshal family through their daughter Mahelt who married into the Bigod family, another powerful family that controlled Eastern England.