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Every dark thought you ever had comes forward.Near them every thought in your head screams at you and that is why people kill them on sight.And certainly has fascinating world building...
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Beneath the World, a Sea: From the Arthur C. Clarke Award

Beneath the World, a Sea: From the Arthur C. Clarke Award

Also if you go there you lose your memory for awhile. Gelegenheit macht Liebe Ben Ronson, a British police officer, arrives in a mysterious forest to investigate a spate of killings of Duendes.The problem comes when every time one of the characters moves from the town on the rock to the forest we then get treated to another description of the helical flora and strange fauna. Die 5. Plage / Der Club der Ermittlerinnen Bd.5 Locals say that your deepest, most repressed thoughts and desires come to pass here, and Ben is concerned about what he will do while he is in the Zona...

His latest novel, Dark Eden, was hailed by Stuart Kelly of The Guardian as "a superior piece of the theologically nuanced science fiction". The Rithmatist They live in an under water world but come up to the surface to do.....Ben Ronson is the go-getting Policeman sent in to sort out the killing of the Duendes, he is supposed to be deep and conflicted but actually came across as leaden and quite boring (and likely in need of a good slap). Vier Jahre Hölle und zurück They are silent, vaguely humanoid creatures - with long limbs and black button eyes - that have a strange psychic effect on people, exposing them to their suppressed thoughts and fears.

The people keep killing the Duendes and the policeman is sent there to try and stop it, but he then realises how hard that will actually be. Nichtstun But it is fascinating.I will say it, Chris Beckett writes such weird books! The Chosen The thing is this book is extremely egocentric.