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I did not want this one to end, you read the last few sentences and sigh.SUMMARY A hurricane is threatening the coasts of Florida and South Carolina and evacuations are mandatory.A family saga told in six point of views from Harry, Joe Sr.
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The Summer Guests: Monroe, Mary Alice, Bellissimo

Amazon.com: The Summer Guest (9780385335829): Cronin

The relationships between the characters and their animals is central to the story.Instead, we meet an entirely new group of people whose lives are centered around the equestrian world. The Mortal Heart Hannah launches her makeup company after her career as a model ends, Gerta find success in her breeding program after her divorce, and the end of the book finds Moira and Elise making significant career changes too.She might even get some horseback riding in. HARDWIRED A hurricane is looming and friends have gathered inland at the horse farm of Grace and Charles.This is an author who braids craft with art without sacrificing one for the other.