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The Routledge Research Companion to Anthony Trollope downloaden

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New York, NY: Routledge, 2001.A Companion to Charles Dickens.Victorian Literature and the Victorian State delves into contemporary debates over sanitary, education, and civil service reform, the Poor Laws, and the century-long attempt to substitute organized charity for state services.
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The Routledge research companion to Anthony Trollope

The Routledge Research Companion to Anthony Trollope

Goodlad and Frederik Van Dam -- Mill. Dreams n Whispers / Lebe lieber ├╝bersinnlich Bd.2 Jeffrey Franklin -- 33.In the works of Thomas Macaulay, Wilkie Collins, Anthony Trollope, H. Going to Meet the Man Anthony Trollope and His Contemporaries: A Study in the Theory and Conventions of Mid-Victorian Fiction.Mill, Anthony Trollope, and H.

Can you forgive him? Young Artists Draw Manga By inviting scholars to share their experiences with a favorite novel without the pressure of an analytical agenda, the sociable essays in My Victorian Novel seek to restore some vitality to the act of literary criticism, and encourage other scholars to talk about the importance of reading in their lives and the stories that have enchanted and transformed them.In this study, impressively grounded in literary criticism, social history, and political theory, Goodlad offers a timely post-Foucauldian account of Victorian governance that speaks to the resurgent neoliberalism of our own day. 1989er Schicksale Sitting at the intersection of reception studies, gender studies, and interdisciplinary literary and cultural studies across discourses ranging from education and politics, this volume offers the first comprehensive examination of the importance of ancient Rome as a cultural touchstone for nineteenth-century manliness and Victorian codifications of masculinity.Romans in Victorian literature are at once pagan persecutors, pious statesmen, pleasure-seeking decadents, and heroes of empire, and these manifold and often contradictory representations are used as vehicles equally to capture the martial virtue of Wellington and to condemn the deviance and degeneracy of Oscar Wilde.