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Xiaolin Spires - Onyx Woods and the Grains of Deception a lumberjack in a fantasy world begins to question what the special wood is being used for and how it negatively impacts her village.I can never get into these desperate I want to have a baby!
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Clarkesworld Issue 155: Clarke, Neil, Swirsky, Rachel

Coffee Prince, Avatar, and Robot Rebellions: A Conversation with Madeline Ashby Cat Pictures and Food Blogs: A Conversation with Naomi Kritzer Inspiring Writers with Four Scientific Breakthroughs Aliens Among Us: Cephalopods in Science Fiction and Fantasy by Ellen Kushner and Ysabeau S.Set a little after WWI, George Holley is new to the practice in Thrsk Review and rating solely for "The Yorkshire Mammoth" by Harry Turtledove, which I liked a lot. Linfirmerie de lAkfadou A logger realizes she is a part of destroying her world and decides to start fighting the injustice.This is the story of Old Bill, a mammoth living on a farm in Yorkshire, who breaks his tusk and the people who come together to to see him whole. The Leslie A. Marchand Memorial Lectures, 2000-2015 True to the Herriot original, even to the ancient Morris Minor!