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There is obviously actual slavery, which tends to involve kidnapping people (usually from developing countries) and selling them to the highest bidder.The idea is that due to a lack of magical focus in the world and as a result of Dark Suns incredibly harsh nature, creatures have developed their mental capacities such that quasi-magical feats can be accomplished.
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His accents, despite him having one voice box, never led the listener astray with a certain character. The Silent War There were several other instances of this throughout the book. Einführung in die Einkommensteuer The world of Athas is basically Australia.

The Sorcerer King retreats to his secret chamber in the Ziggurat. The Wee Free Men It captured the feel of the Dark Sun setting (a brutal post-apocalyptic fantasy world in which unchecked magic has left most of the alient planet Athas a barren wasteland and sorceror god-kings rule the few remnants of cilization with an iron fist) admirably, the plot was legitimately interesting, and the writing was unobtrusive (ie: I noticed the story and characters more than the author trying to impress his readers). A Beginners Guide to Structural Equation Modeling From the Trade Paperback edition.